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Meet Clarkson

Jasmine Alvarez

On a Journey to Build a House of Style

Jasmine is going from Clarkson into the world of fashion.

“It’s a good fit. This is a good place to be a dreamer.”

On a campus teeming with “practical people”—as she calls Clarkson’s science and business majors—she says, “I can tell people to think differently. Step outside the box. And when I start dreaming a little crazy, they tell me to focus, to sort of step back in the box.”

At first, Jasmine was a business major.

“Clarkson gave me a lot of technical knowledge, which turned out to be really helpful. But by my second year, the business path didn’t feel like it was taking me in the direction I ultimately wanted to go.”

By this point, she discovered she wanted to work in fashion and started talking with faculty members about classes and a degree that would give her a little traction on the mean streets of New York’s Garment District.  

It worked.

Over the spring and summer, she interned with Lancome, Fashion Closet at Allure magazine and Bb (that’s Bumble and Bumble, the house of fashion devoted to hair style).

Jasmine admits that, at times, it was difficult.

“That Devil Wears Prada stuff is totally true. At one point, an editor pulled me aside and said, ‘Do you know how many people would kill to have this internship?’ So I had to move faster and get way more organized.”

She says this is where her early business courses really paid off.

“I started drawing on all the things I’d learned at Clarkson, especially that technical knowledge of how businesses work—and how business people think.”

And she admits all her writing assignments helped, too.

“All of it just gave me confidence. Internships can be tough. In the City, lots of people think of them as just paying dues. But I had a little different experience. I had to learn to be humble, but I also had to know—on the spot—when I should assert myself. By the end of the summer, I had earned a lot of respect. Clarkson has to get some of the credit for that.”

So what’s next? Jasmine has a few specific goals. She wants her own line of clothing. She wants a successful fashion blog (and she’s well on her way with And she wants people to know that Clarkson can help launch a career in fashion.

“I want to influence Clarkson students to explore,” she says. “After all, there are lots of engineers and scientists in beauty and fashion.”

And once Jasmine has built her own house of style, she’ll lead more Golden Knights into the industry.

As she puts it, “Leave it to me to make Clarkson look good.”