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Environmental Science & Engineering (ES&E)

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Master's and doctoral degrees in Environmental Science & Engineering (ES&E) span multiple disciplines to investigate how science and engineering interact with the environment in a broad context.

The environment comprises complex, interacting biological, chemical, physical, and social systems. It is essential to apply an interdisciplinary framework to understand how these systems function and the many ways environmental factors should be integrated into a comprehensive decision-making process.

The unusually broad background of ES&E graduates will enable them to better understand how engineering and science impact and inform policy decisions.

The ES&E degree programs provide a flexible framework for students to develop course combinations and pursue research projects that fit their individual interests and needs.

ES&E is administered by the Clarkson Center for the Environment, whose mission is to develop, foster, and enhance innovative, cross-disciplinary research and educational activities at the forefront of environmental investigation. Interdisciplinary groups of faculty affiliates associated with the center will advise students.