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Physical Therapy

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Doctorate of Physical Therapy

The mission of the Department of Physical Therapy at Clarkson University is:

  • To graduate physical therapists who emulate the core values1 of the profession; and
  • For faculty, graduates, and students to contribute to the profession, community, and society, through education, research, and practice.

The vision of the Department of Physical Therapy at Clarkson University is that:

  • Physical therapists are practitioners in an autonomous doctoring profession;
  • The Department provides a superior educational experience through Problem-Based Learning, leading to a commitment to life-long learning; and

Faculty seek, generate, and apply, knowledge that fosters innovative education, research, and practice individually and through collaboration within the Department and external communities.

The Department of Physical Therapy at Clarkson University works to achieve its Mission in an environment in which:

  • Faculty facilitate and foster a superior learning atmosphere;
  • Interdisciplinary activities are encouraged through team development and maturation; and
  • The rural location provides opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration with external communities.

Faculty, staff, and students in Clarkson University's Department of Physical Therapy shall demonstrate:

  • Values, such as caring, diligence, diversity, integrity, growth, service, teamwork, and vision, which provide a foundation for the core values of the profession; and
  • Actions, such as accountability, altruism, compassion/caring, excellence, integrity, professional duty, and social responsibility.

Faculty members are, and students will be, competent professionals who shall demonstrate:

  • Effective contribution to the profession through clinical practice, research, education, or professional service;
  • Effective communication in a variety of environments, capable of using various modes of communication;
  • Reflective professional activity, examining their practice to ensure the highest quality outcomes;
  • Awareness of values, beliefs, and capabilities that provide optimal health care delivery;
  • Knowledge, skills, and integrity, to contribute to the health and wellness needs of a diverse community in a changing society;
  • Technological competence in fulfilling their professional roles effectively; and
  • Skills in collaboration, teamwork, and mentoring.

Graduates of Clarkson University's physical therapy professional curriculum shall demonstrate ability to:

  • Practice based upon a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree;
  • Provide evidence based care;
  • Recognize the need for referral to appropriate providers; and
  • Participate in direct access to physical therapy services.

Physical therapy faculty, as educators/scholars/clinicians shall demonstrate ability to:

  • Develop and implement an innovative curriculum, evolving to reflect changing knowledge and needs of the physical therapy profession;
  • Promote scholarly activity as an integral component of the physical therapy profession;
  • Provide mentoring relationships for faculty colleagues, students, and clinicians;
  • Participate in scholarly activity, practice, and service to the academic, professional, and public communities;
  • Promote and participate actively in professional and community organizations on local, regional, or national level(s); and
  • Model and promote the core values1 and pillars2 of autonomous physical therapy practice.

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