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Students have considerable flexibility in selecting courses that emphasize their own interests and career goals, making it possible to double major in other disciplines you are interested in, such as business, social sciences, humanities, communication, biology, etc. Students can also pursue minors in Cognitive Neuroscience, a minor in Psychology, minor in Biology, Behavior, and Society  Talented students may wish to pursue their own research projects through the senior thesis option.

Psychology Major Requirements
In addition to the Clarkson Common Experience Requirements (courses all Clarkson students must take), psychology majors need 11 psychology courses to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Of these 11 courses students must take:

All of the Required Group:
PY151 Introduction to Psychology
PY253 Social Psychology
PY255 Cognitive Psychology
PY456 Experimental Psychology
PY457 Experimental Psychology Lab
Directed Research/Internship

At least one course from the Physiological Group:
PY454 Physiological Psychology
PY458 Cognitive Neuroscience
PY460 Neurobiology

At least one course from the Cognitive Group:
PY357 Human Cognitive Evolution
PY358 Animal Learning and Cognition
PY359 Perception
PY360 Learning and Memory
PY461 Judgment and Decision Making

The remaining courses can be made up with any of the following:
PY286 Organizational Behavior I
PY310 Human Sexuality
PY315 Personal Relationships
PY317 The Psychology of Psychoactive Drugs
PY321 Consumer Behavior
PY325 Group Dynamics
PY340 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
PY361 Human Motivation
PY370 Developmental Psychology
PY459 Neuroscience and Society
PY460 Neurobiology 
PY462 Abnormal Psychology
PY463 Health Psychology
PY401 Internship - Counseling
PY402 Internship - Industrial
PY403 Internship - Health Care Systems
PY480 Directed Study in Psychology
PY481 Directed Study in Social Psychology
PY482 Directed Study in Physiological Psychology
PY483 Directed Study in Cognitive Psychology
PY491 Directed Research in Health Psychology
PY492 Directed Research in Psychophysiology
PY493 Directed Research in Cognitive Psychology
PY496 Directed Research in Psychology
PY498 Senior Thesis
PY499 Senior Thesis