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Financial Aid and Cost

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  • Tuition 2017/2018  
    • The Physical Therapy program tuition is based on a flat rate per semester. The below tuition costs are a net of Merit Scholarship financial support (see below).




Flat Fee Basis
  Year 1

Fall, Spring

Per semester

Year 2

Summer, Fall, Spring

Per semester

Year 3

Summer, Fall, Spring

Per semester

Additional  Fees and Costs

Graduate facility usage fee

Per year


APTA Student Membership

Per year



Per semester


CU Mandatory Health Insurance **

Per year
8/1/17 - 8/1/18


  • All fees are for academic year 2016-2017 only. They are subject to change.       
  • **Health Insurance coverage is required during the academic and clinical portions of the curriculum. This insurance is mandatory, but CU health insurance may be waived with proof of other current coverage. 
  • The CU DPT Department provides two types of financial support – Merit Scholarships and Departmental Assistantships.  Merit Scholarships are determined and provided on a merit basis, and have no work requirement. All enrolled students receive a Merit Scholarship of a 15% reduction in their tuition (which is included in the above tuition calculations), except during the last semester of the program when students receive a 20% reduction. Departmental Assistantships are determined and provided based on support needs of the Department, and require six (6) hours of work per week by each recipient as assigned by the Department.  Usually the CU DPT department awards 3 Department Assistantships per student cohort. Individuals who receive a Department Assistantship receive an additional 15% reduction in their tuition (this is not included in the above tuition calculations), except during the final semester of the program when no Department Assistantships are awarded.  Students may receive both a Merit Scholarship and a Department Assistantship award.
  • Miscellaneous Information
    Each student is responsible for the purchase of personal textbooks/e-books, course readers, surgical scrubs, and incidental supplies.
  • Information on Outside Scholarships can be found at:
  • Costs related to clinical education will be variable and on a student-to-student basis. Planning of clinical experiences typically occurs 9 months to 1 year in advance of placements; you will have ample time to consider and plan for any related expenses.
  • For information regarding Graduate Financial Aid please see:
  • For information regarding student loans, including a comparison of Federal Graduate PLUS loans to Private Student Loans:
  • The Financial Aid year begins with summer term, when applicable. The application process for Federal Student Loans is found at:
  • Information on scholarships from the American Physical Therapy Association: