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Clarkson University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program is located in Clarkson Hall on Clarkson University’s downtown campus. The PT program has state-of-the-art assessment, treatment, and research technology including:

  • Gross anatomy lab, which was renovated and expanded in the fall of 2011
  • Human performance lab which includes a 10 camera Vicon motion analysis system with Bertec force plates for precise analysis of human movement
  • NeuroCom Balance master for the evaluation and treatment of balance disorders
  • Biodex Body Weight Support and treadmill system for re-training gait
  • Biodex System 3 for accurate testing and rehabilitation of muscle strength
  • Gait Rite for evaluation of gait
  • Optogait for evaluation of gait
  • Balance Lab's Opal Sensors for evaluation of gait and balance
  • Health Sciences branch of the Clarkson University library