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  • Professor Mary Alice Minor shares her experiences in the field with students.

    Physical Therapy at Clarkson.  

    We believe that our work helps people to live fuller, richer lives.


  • First-year Physical Therapy Students Meet First-year Patients 

    PT students meeting their first patients -- the youngest members of the community -- in a class teaching normal motor development and reflexes in infants. 

  • Innovative Fall Sensor 

    Innovative Fall Sensor for Shoes Developed by Clarkson University Physical Therapy Professors 

  • Take a Closer Look at our Physical Therapy Program 

    Join our students for a closer look at our Doctor of Physician Therapy program. 

  • Students get hands on experience with patients.

    Gain Field Experience While You Learn. 

    Our graduates are autonomous practitioners who emulate the core values of the PT profession. 

  • Students participate in clinical experiences throughout program enrollment.

    Ready for What's Next. 

    DPT graduates consistently achieve a near-perfect pass rate on licensing exams and a 100% placement rate within six months of passing those exams. 

  • Hands on experiences with patients while still in school gives students confidence in their skills.

    Contributing to Society, Profession and Education 

    Hands on experiences with patients while still in school gives students confidence in their skills and prepares them to be leaders in the profession. 

  • Problem-based learning deepens the connection between academics and real-world relevance.

    Options to Fast Track or Start When You Are Ready 

    At the undergraduate level, we offer the pre-physical therapy concentration. At the graduate level, we offer a doctor of physical therapy program (DPT). 

Featured Content

  • Jennifer Fraczek

    Seizing Opportunities

    Jennifer Fraczek makes the most of her graduate education.

  • Stacey Zeigler

    Empowering Students

    Prof. Stacey Zeigler's students take control of their education.

  • Leslie Russek

    Finding New Solutions

    Prof. Leslie Russek finds new solutions to age-old problems.

Featured Content

  • The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

    curriculum utilizes a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach.