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AC and RD Staff Information

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2017 - 2018 Staff Directory

E-mail   Address
Kristina Fletcher Area Coordinator Apartments kfletche@clarkson.edua
Destini Young Area Coordinator Graham/Price and Moore
Emma Blaiklock Area Coordinator Quad & Hamlin Powers
Vincent DeChiaro Resident Director   Graham/Price
Ian Underwood Resident Director Ross/Brooks
Leudin Dominguez Resident Director Cubley/Reynolds
Gabrielle Piriano Resident Director Apartment Housing
Camille Kelly Resident Director Hamlin/Powers
Area Coordinator
The Area Coordinator (AC) is a full time “live-in” employee of the University responsible for the welfare and development of students living in the residence hall. The primary goal of the AC is the development of residential communities that are supportive of personal growth, academic achievement, and a respect for the rights of others. The AC strives to foster individual and community development by means of: individual and group advising; student staff supervision and training; appropriate role modeling; performance of administrative functions; and participation as a fully functioning member of the Residence Life staff team.

Resident Director
Resident Directors (RDs) are former resident assistants who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. Each residence hall complex is staffed with a Resident Director who lives within the unit. The RD serves as the immediate supervisor for the Resident Advisors (RAs) in their area. RDs are responsible for providing the day-to-day support necessary for the RA to be effective in their role as student leaders for their floors or halls. In addition, the RDs are the immediate referral persons for the RAs. The RDs work directly with the Residence Life staff to ensure a healthy and safe residence hall environment.

Resident Advisor
The position of Resident Advisor (RA) is multifaceted. One role of the RA is that of liaison serving as a link between the Student Affairs staff and residents. The RA acts as a role model exhibiting behavior consistent with a successful Clarkson student. RAs serve as peer advisors and are expected to be available to residents who typically wrestle with a multitude of transitional developmental issues. Ultimately, the RA is a key residential leader with a focus on developing a sense of community that facilitates academic success and personal growth. Major responsibilities and duties RAs have include: