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2018 Summer Semester Information

Session I — May 21 through June 23, 2018
Session II — July 2 through August 4, 2018

Steps to Summer Semester Enrollment

Summer Semester Class Schedule (.pdf)

Clarkson University is located in Potsdam, a small village of 9,500 people in northern New York. The village, situated in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and near the St. Lawrence River, enjoys an ideal summer climate, with low humidity and daytime temperatures usually between 70° and 85°F.

Tennis, golf, swimming, canoeing, racquetball, fishing, and hiking are some of the summer leisure activities available on or near the campus. The North Country's lakes, rivers and mountains, and its proximity to Canada and the Thousand Islands, make summer school at Clarkson a rewarding and enjoyable way to spend part of the summer.

General Information
There are two five-week summer semester sessions at Clarkson. Each session is open to Clarkson students, including incoming freshmen and transfer students; students from other colleges who wish to take courses for transfer credit; and others who are pursuing some specific educational objective.

Important Information for Non-Clarkson Students
Non-matriculated student applicants* will need to complete the Non-Matriculated Student Application Form, and pay a $50 non-refundable administrative fee to assure course enrollment activity and/or transcript release. 

*Students excluded from the $50 administrative fee include cross-registered students, Clarkson employees, Beacon River Institute Summer students, and Exchange program students.

Enrollment and Check-In
Clarkson University students may enroll themselves into summer semester classes via PeopleSoft self-service after securing approval from their advisor and their SAS Representative. Your SAS Rep must create a summer term before this enrollment is possible. Two courses per 5 week session are considered a full undergraduate academic load.  Enrollment should be done as soon as possible.

In addition to course enrollment, all students must obtain financial clearance and complete summer check-in online no later than the second class day. Any student who has not completed check-in by 3:30 pm on the second day of classes will be subject to a $50 late fee.

Course Guarantee
Summer school courses are guaranteed (unless there is a lab course where a minimum number of students are required in order for the lab to run properly) as long as there is at least one Clarkson student enrolled in the course, excluding cross-registered students.

Course Schedule
Courses are normally scheduled for an hour and a half each day, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the summer session, although online courses may vary.  There will be no classes held on Memorial Day or Independence Day. An extra class will be scheduled at a time acceptable to members of the class.

The scheduled times and locations for all courses can be found in PeopleSoft.

Final Exam Schedule
All final exams will be scheduled for the Saturday concluding the summer session. The previous day is designated as a reading day during which no classes, tests or other academic activities may be scheduled.

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is mandatory at Clarkson University for non-distance program students.  Students must either have health insurance coverage through their parent/guardian’s policy, their own policy or enroll in Clarkson University’s provided policy through United Health Care.  Your Clarkson University PeopleSoft account is where you will provide proof of your existing health insurance coverage or enroll in Clarkson University’s provided policy through United Health Care.  The summer 2017 United Health Care rate is $461.00 for undergraduate students and $626.04 for graduate students fior the period of 5/1/18 – 7/31/18.   Please visit for more information regarding the UHC policy.  

Financial Aid
Clarkson University students attending summer school may be eligible for financial assistance.  To determine the types of aid, the amount available, and any impact on future funding during the academic year, it is important to contact your SAS Rep at 315-268-6451.  Students applying for financial assistance for summer school will be required to complete and submit a Summer 2018 Undergraduate Financial Aid Application.  If applying for financial assistance in the form of federal aid, a 2018-2019 FAFSA must be submitted.  


Summer tuition is charged on a per credit hour basis.  The Undergraduate tuition rate for summer 2018 is $1,606.  Most summer courses are three credits, but some courses that have a laboratory (i.e. PH132) are four credits.  Graduate tuition for summer 2018 is also charged on a per credit hour basis, but the per credit hour rate will vary depending on the specific program.  Graduate tuition rates can be viewed by visiting


Tuition and charges for campus housing & meals (where applicable) are payable at the Student Administrative Services Office (Graham Hall) prior to the first day of class.  Checks should be made payable to Clarkson University and sent to the following address;

Clarkson University
Student Administrative Services
P.O. Box 5548
Potsdam, NY 13699-5548

Please visit for other payment options.

Semester Based Program Summer Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

All refunds will be based on the last recorded day of the University attendance as determined by and attested to by SAS.

If a student withdraws from the University, tuition & fees will be adjusted based on the last recorded day of the student’s University attendance as determined by and attested to by the Student Administrative Services Office in conjunction with the following table:

1st day of class and prior 100% credit
Class days 2-3 90% credit
Class days 4-5 50% credit
6th day of class 25% credit
7th day of class and after 0% credit

Summer Housing and Meals

Summer school participants are tentatively scheduled to be assigned to on-campus apartments.  Each apartment includes the basic furnishings: bed, desk, chest of drawers, refrigerator, stove and living and dining room furniture.  Students are responsible for providing their own kitchenware, cookware and linens.  Mail will be delivered to your campus mailbox in the lower level of the Student Center.

Room rates are $820 for one five-week session or $1225 for both sessions.  Those enrolling for both sessions will be allowed to remain in residence the week between sessions at no additional cost. Questions should be directed to Residence Life.


Summer meal hours and locations may change based on programming. Updates will be emailed and posted.  For questions regarding hours of service and catering please contact the Clarkson Dining Office at 315-268-3816 or by email at Food can be purchased with cash, Declining Balance*, Knight Card, Visa or MasterCard.

* Declining Balance (DB) are “dining dollars” that can be purchased in any increment at the Clarkson Dining Office on the main level of Cheel Campus Center or online by visiting and clicking on the “Meal Plan” tab. Bonus offers are applied to increments over $100. Declining balance funds are non-refundable, but can be used at campus dining locations to purchase items tax free.

Charges for room, board, and other applicable fees will be billed to your student account through Student Administrative Services.