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Many of the forms commonly used by SAS are now available for completion electronically within PeopleSoft. The intention behind this process is to increase efficiencies, reduce paper waste, and reduce data entry errors; this is not meant as a mechanism for students to skip the important face-to-face conversations that should occur prior to modifying their academic records. Please ensure you are speaking to the appropriate personnel prior to filling out any forms. 

Forms currently available: (Instructions for using these forms, and an overview of the processes can be found by clicking the links below)

Undergraduate Curriculum Change form (majors, minors, concentrations)
Late Add a Class Request / Drop a Class Request
Employer Reimbursement Form
Undergraduate Continuance Request form
Undergraduate Financial Aid SAP Appeal
Dean's Exception and Graduation Exception Requests

Coming Soon!
Graduate Dual Degree request

Undergraduate Curriculum Change
Description: Undergraduates may use this form to request a change of major, additional minors or concentrations, declare a second degree, or they may drop any of these using this electronic form.

If you are a...

Student Watch this video or View this PDF
Academic Department Approver Watch this video (flowchart or View this PDF

Late Add Request / Drop Class Request

Description: Undergraduates may use this form after the second week of the term, in order to submit a late add request, or drop a class they are currently enrolled in.

If you are a...

Student Drop Class Video  Add Class Video | or View this PDF
Academic Advisor Drop Class Video (flowchart) Add Class Video (flowchart)
Course Instructor, Department Chair/Executive Officer, or Dean/Associate Dean Add Class Video (flowchart)

Employer Reimbursement

Description: This form may be used if an employer is reimbursing the cost of tuition for a course(s) taken at Clarkson University. Please complete this form to defer payment of your tuition in order to obtain reimbursement from your employer.  Instructions can be found on the form in PeopleSoft.

Students: Log into PeopleSoft, and navigate to Main Menu > Self Service > CU SAS Forms > CU SAS Employer Reimbursement 

Undergraduate Continuance Request Form
Description: Undergraduates who are academically separated from the University may request to return the following semester, using this form. Students will be notified when this form is available for use. All Continuance requests must be made by the deadline outlined in the separation email sent by the Registrar to the student. Once the deadline has passed, the process is closed, and Continuance will not be possible. 

If you are a...

First Time, First Semester student (you have only completed one semester at Clarkson) Watch this video
Continuing Student (you have completed at least 2 semesters at Clarkson) Watch this video
Members of the Continuance and Readmission Committee should contact the Registrar's office for instructions

Undergraduate Finanical Aid SAP Appeal

Description: Undergraduates who have been determined to be ineligible for Federal and Clarkson Aid may use this form to submit an appeal for reinstatement of aid.

If you are a...

Student View this PDF

Dean's Exception and Graduation Exception Request
A Dean's Exception should be used to request an exception to an academic or financial regulation or policy. A graduation exception should be made when extenuating circumstances require an exception to a particular degree requirement. 

If you are a...

Student Watch this video: Dean's Exception | Graduation Exception
Academic Department Approver Watch this video or (flowchart