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Special Circumstances Appeal

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The Financial Aid Office has the authority to make professional judgments and adjustments to your eligibility within specific guidelines from US Department of Education rules and regulations.

We understand that some families may have changes or special circumstances that should be considered when calculating financial need.   We are committed to considering all facts and assisting families however we can.  If you feel you have a special circumstance or have had a family change since filing your FAFSA, please write a detailed letter explaining your situation so we can assess how we may be able to help.  We are unable to consider consumer indebtedness as a special circumstance as families make different choices that result in various amounts of consumer debt.    

Please note that we will begin officially processing Special Circumstances on March 1 as part of the process is determining a reasonable estimate of your 2017 financial situation.  You are welcome to submit the letter explaining the situation at any time and we will request appropriate documentation after reviewing it.  If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Kara Pitts, Director of New Student Financial Aid at    

Your appeal will be reviewed carefully, and if approved, adjustments will be made to your financial aid award package based on the availability of funds.

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