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Undergraduate Financial Aid Regulations

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Withdrawal / Leave of Absence

Students considering leaving Clarkson during a semester must investigate the implications their decision might have on their financial aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to retain eligibility for federal and institutional financial aid. Satisfactory academic progress is comprised of three areas as required by federal regulations. A student must complete their degree within a specified period, demonstrate they are making progress towards the completion of their degree by earning a minimum number of credits hours each semester and achieve a GPA that is consistent with meeting graduation requirements. Some institutional scholarships (i.e. Honors and some Endowed/Sponsored Scholarships) may require higher academic achievement.

Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress standards are based on a student’s cumulative record and are separate from Academic Standing determinations. A student who is on academic warning, academic probation, or has been approved to continue after separation retains financial aid eligibility provided the financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards as outlined below are met.

Financial Aid Regulations

The financial aid regulations encompass federal, state, and university policies regarding all types of aid.

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