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Knight Card Policies

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By initiating deposits or transactions on your card, you accept all applicable regulations and conditions associated with this card.

The Clarkson University Knight card is property of Clarkson University and is not transferable.

Only the person pictured on the Knight Card will be allowed to use the account. The card may be confiscated if infractions are discovered.

Knight funds remaining at the end of a semester will automatically be rolled over to the next semester.

Funds cannot be withdrawn from the Knight Card account during the academic year.

Knight funds cannot be used for Aramark Services.

Knight Card account cannot have a negative balance.

Balances over $10 remaining on your Knight Card account will be refunded only upon a student’s graduation or formal withdrawal from the University.

The University has the right to use funds remaining on your Knight Card account to clear a balance due on a student tuition account, before providing a refund.

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