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Financial Clearance & Check In

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Every student is required to complete check-in no later than the end of the first week of classes. This process confirms that you are on campus, and financially clear. It also provides the University with your correct contact information.

Financial Clearance
Any balance due must be received by the payment deadline in order to be financially cleared for check-in. The balance will take into consideration all Clarkson awarded financial aid provided the required paperwork has been completed.

Any student with a balance due after the payment deadline will be unable to access their class schedule on PeopleSoft as well as any course material available on Moodle.

How to verify if you are financially cleared
Approximately one week prior to the start of the term, every student is assigned a check-in status which can be viewed through PeopleSoft Self-Service, select Student Service Center – your financial clearance status will be displayed in the right side menu, under “Holds.”

How do you check-in?
Login to PeopleSoft beginning approximately one week before classes, and you will see check-in instructions, as well as your financial clearance status. You must enter or confirm your personal information, including where you are living while attending school and a phone number where we can reach you.

Is check-in required?
Yes, all students enrolled in classes are required to complete online check-in by the deadline specified in the regulations. Failure to complete check-in may result in late fees, or administrative withdrawal from the University. 

If you are not financially clear, you will also need to come to, or contact SAS by the end of the first week of classes.

If you have questions about check-in, contact your SAS Rep.