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Graduation FAQ's

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Graduation FAQ's

Can I add an additional major or minor to my degree once I have graduated?
No. Once the degree has been certified and granted, that degree cannot be amended in any way.  All majors, minors and concentrations must be formally registered and part of the student's academic record prior to the date the degrees are approved.

I am scheduled to graduate in May.  However, I am within six (6) credit hours of meeting degree requirements; can I attend the May ceremony?
Yes. It is the University's policy to allow undergraduate students who are within six (6) credit hours of meeting degree requirements to participate in the May commencement ceremony.  Please indicate this when you apply for graduation.

Are minors and concentrations noted on my diploma?
No.  Only majors are noted on a student's diploma.  Minors and concentrations are noted on a student's transcript.

What cumulative GPA is necessary for distinction?
Students will receive a bachelor's degree "with distinction" if his or her cumulative GPA is at least 3.250 or "with great distinction" if it is at least 3.750.

Do honors appear on diplomas?
Yes, with distinction and with great distinction appear on diplomas.  If you are an undergraduate Honors student and have met all the requirements, this will also be noted on the diploma.

What do I do if I change my mind about attending the May commencement ceremony?
If at any time you change your mind regarding your participation in the commencement ceremony, please inform Student Administrative Services at (315) 268-6451 or through e-mail at promptly.  

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