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Past Employees of the Month

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Take a moment to look over our past employees of the month below. We would like to thank all employees in regards to their commitment to service excellence.

If you know someone on campus who deserves to be recognized for their excellent service, nominate them on our Employee of the Month Nomination form!

August 2017

Nicki Foley

Nicki Foley, Coordinator, Department of Education at the Capital Region Campus

In nominating Foley, her colleagues said she “cares for students with respect and dignity” in her work at the Capital Region Campus (CRC). “Highly respected by her peers” and “always willing to grow professionally,” Nicki is someone her colleagues look to as a resource. Assisting both staff and students “with almost any request,” she brings positivity and cheer to those around her. Nicki is one of the key elements in making the CRC a “safe, comfortable gathering space” for students and staff alike.

July 2017

Ashlee Whalen Ashlee Whalen, New Student Financial Aid Advisor

In nominating Whalen, her colleagues said, "Her 'ability to put families at ease during this stressful time is unmatched.' Her supervisor often receives emails and phone calls from prospective parents, expressing 'how lucky Clarkson University is to have Ashlee' on the team. In all that she does, Ashlee is 'another example of why Clarkson University is such a remarkable place.' In addition to her care for the prospective families coming to the institution, Ashlee is 'always taking steps to learn new things' and stay updated in her areas of expertise. By doing so she is always looking for ways to improve processes and procedures to make her co-workers’, and those applying to Clarkson, experience the best it can be.

June 2017

Janice Hollister

Janice Hollister, Professional Programs Coordinator at the Capital Region Campus

In nominating Hollister, her colleagues said she is "superbly competent, very responsible" and always looking ahead. She is described as an upstanding professional who is "extremely knowledgeable and willing to help" even with difficult issues and during the busiest of times. Hollister can always find the person who can address the need at hand, and she makes everyone from students to campus guests feel welcome. Her colleagues say she is continuously working to make the Capital Region Campus experience the best it can be.

May 2017

Amber Gordon

Amber Gordon, Office of Information Technology Team Lead

In nominating Gordon, her colleagues said she is a pleasure to work with and is always very professional and respectful with our requests. Not only does she continually go above and beyond the call of duty, she diligently works on finding solutions to the problems presented to her. Known for her kind smile, kind words and a focus on solving problems, Gordon "truly cares and it shows." Described as "always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right" with a positive attitude and a collegial team ethic, she is one of the best representations of customer service on campus.

April 2017

Jai Lindsey

Jennifer Stokes, Associate Registrar for Student Administrative Services

In nominating Stokes, her colleagues said she routinely "goes above and beyond her duties as associate registrar, making the SAS office a happier and more productive place." Stokes is always willing to help anyone out in any way she can. She is "very knowledgeable about not only her area but other areas of the University as well." Stokes works to ensure that when she is asked a question, she gives accurate information, she's friendly, and she's always willing to help both students and her colleagues when they have questions.

March 2017

Jai Lindsey

Jai Lindsey, Grounds Supervisor

In nominating Lindsey, his colleagues said he is always willing to figure out a way to get things done and "instead of immediately saying no, he works through the issue and always comes through." Lindsey brings positive energy and a can-do attitude to all his tasks. From prepping athletics fields to setting up for campus events, he is always willing to help and works hard to do things the way they should be done. He goes "above and beyond his job scope and is always willing to assist for the betterment of the student body."

February 2017

Clarkson University Associate Director of Publications / University Designer Renee Holsen, center, receives the Employee of the Month certificate from Vice President for External Relations Kelly O. Chezum, left, and Associate Vice President of Marketing Tim Jones.

ReneeHolsen, Associate Director of Publications / University Designer

In nominating Holsen, her colleagues said she "goes above and beyond and is a great contributor to providing service excellence." Holsen is meticulous and every detail and dedicates her time to making every project perfect. Colleagues feel "she is a pleasure to work with each and every time." The expectations of her position put Holsen in high demand across the University, but she "takes the time to explain why something should be one way rather than another to help others grow." She is committed to producing work of the highest quality in a collaborative manner.

January 2017

Clarkson University Office Administrator / Proofreader Susan Cutler, right, receives the Employee of the Month certificate from Clarkson University President Tony Collins.

Susan Cutler, Office Administrator / Proofreader

In nominating Cutler, her colleagues said they appreciate her care, concern and diligence, as well as the fact she goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. Cutler's time at Clarkson "has been spent quietly behind the scenes, as she is extremely humble and the nature of her work is that if she does it right, no one notices." Not only is Cutler a professional powerhouse, but she also is an inspiring person who is always first to volunteer to help her coworkers and the community at large. Her colleagues say her job title does not encompass all she does for the University, as her duties go beyond the page as she diligently protects Clarkson's reputation with her attention to detail and service.

December 2016

Clarkson University Office of Information Technologies Team Lead Mona Miller has been named the Employee of the Month for November. Above, Provost & Senior Vice President Chuck Thorpe (left) congratulates Miller.

Anne Gilbert, Physical Therapy Administrative Assistant

In nominating Gilbert, her colleagues said her strong organizational skills and initiative contribute to her area and beyond. She "consistently pursues opportunities to expand her skills to benefit not only her professional growth but to benefit the department." Gilbert is described as "indispensable" by her coworkers and is someone who always goes above and beyond to mentor other administrative assistants and build a better department.

November 2016

Clarkson University Office of Information Technologies Team Lead Mona Miller has been named the Employee of the Month for November. Above, Provost & Senior Vice President Chuck Thorpe (left) congratulates Miller.

Mona Miller, Office of Information Technologies Team Lead

Mona "exemplifies the Service Excellence at Clarkson" in her interactions with her colleagues. Consistently displaying a "willingness to help others that is above and beyond the normal call of duty," Mona is compassionate and approachable when dealing with IT issue, and her "positive outlook" toward helping others makes her an appreciated and unique part of the Clarkson University team.

October 2016

Clarkson University Director of Athletics & Recreation Steve Yianoukos, left, honors Marjorie Meashaw, athletics administrative assistant, is honored at the Employee of the Month ceremony

Marjorie Meashaw, Athletics Administrative Assistant

Marjorie is “is always going above and beyond for the Clarkson community whether it be attending athletics events, organizing donations, working elections or being a CU Connect mentor.” Described by her colleagues as a “tireless worker” that is supportive and helpful in every way, Marjorie not only elevates the excellence of the Athletics Department, but the Clarkson Community as a whole. A graduate of Clarkson herself, her positive outlook has impacted her classmates, co-workers, and the students she serves each day.

September 2016

Bill Carhide, director of facilities at Clarkson University Capital Region Campus, center, is honored at an Employee of the Month ceremony, with Interim Dean of the Graduate School Kerop Janoyan, left, and Assistant Vice President of Capital Region Campus Operations & Finance Joseph McDonald.

Bill Carhide, Director of Facilities, Capital Region Campus

Bill is “one of the most professional people” his colleagues have ever worked with and is “100% responsive to everyone” in his daily operations. In his years at the Capital Region Campus, Bill has professionally grown and adapted to the changes and challenges presented along the way, not only on building, and health and safety issues, but in making all students and guests feel “welcomed and safe,” something above and beyond his job description. A true leader, Bill also guides those that work for him to offer the best in service, making better employees in the process.

August 2016

Clarkson University Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Patrick Roche, left, presents Jen Cornell, administrative assistant of the Clarkson Fund, with the Employee of the Month certificate for her commitment to service excellence.

Jen Cornell, Administrative Assistant of the Clarkson Fund

Jen is the "first to volunteer to lend a hand for any events. She's very organized and helpful and always there to help when needed!" Jen's colleagues report that "her service and contribution is next to none. She "always goes beyond what her day-to-day duties are with a great deal of enthusiasm and integrity." Jen is known as a "doer who always wants to get it right, no matter the task at hand" and "always goes above and beyond to ensure it is top-notch and nothing less." She is known for her attention to detail and high quality work. Jen is praised for being "that one employee who often makes you wonder - what would I do without her?" and known as "someone you want on your team and who will continue to do great things for Clarkson."

July 2016

Todd Travis, Award Administrator

Todd Travis, Award Administrator, Division of Research

Todd is “the key person for research at Clarkson,” garnering praise from those he works with and serves. His commitment to the University and his job “is unquestionably the best that a person can attain.” His colleagues appreciate his dedication to excellence and his devotion to getting his work completed in a timely and accurate fashion. Praised for being “considerate, courteous, and respectful” to everyone he encounters, Todd is considered “the most deserving person to receive this award” this month.

June 2016

Bob Keenen Director of IT CRC

Bob Keenan, Director of IT at the Capital Region Campus (CRC)

Bob is described as simply “awesome” by his colleagues with the customer focus always at theforefront of his mind. He routinely goes out of his way to assure “that the students have a good experience at CRC” and works diligently to provide topnotch customer service to the community he serves. “Patient, kind,” and willing to get the job done, Bob helps create a feeling of “family” and is “always helpful” despite the task at hand.

May 2016

Kurt Besaw IT HelpDesk Rep

Kurt Besaw, IT HelpDesk Support Representative

Kurt has been honored for his commitment to service excellence in his role at Clarkson. In nominating Besaw, his colleagues said that he is the "voice of reason" in the Office of Information Technology and has been so for more than a decade. Besaw responds to the most stressed employees in "a timely, calm manner," and assures them the situation will be resolved. If there is an IT issue, he answers the call and offers a "warm, professional, capable voice" at the other end of the line.

April 2016

Mia Wicke Employee of the Month

Mia Wicke, Assistant to the Dean of Admissions / Operations Manager for Undergraduate Admissions

In nominating Wicke, her colleagues described her as the "perfect example of a Clarkson employee that provides service excellence" and said she sets high standards for herself and her team. As the go-to person for the admissions team, Wicke is an example of professional behavior and a model for her peers. Her commitement to Clarkson, its students, and her fellow employees is evident in all that she does.

March 2016

Rhonda Sheehan Employee of the Month

Rhonda Sheehan, Associate Director of Student Administrative Services

Described by her colleagues as "the heart and soul of the Capital Region Campus," Sheehan always puts students first. Often going above and beyond by answering important emails on weekends, picking up students from the airport, and being a valuable team player, she inspires her tea members to greater service.

Patrice Cole, SAS Administrative Assistant

Patrice Cole, Administrative Assistant of Student Administrative Services

Cole is a staple of the SAS front desk, and her coworkers are continually impressed with her "ability to be courteous and collaborate." She knows her job well, and as a front desk representative, she is able to connect students to resources outside of SAS with ease and a courteous attitude. A welcoming presence to both students and fellow staff members, Cole bring positive energy to a high-demand area.