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Congratulations on completing the initial Service Excellence training session.  Now that you have been introduced to this service mindset, you may be thinking about your work environment and processes in a different light.  Perhaps you are thinking about the notion that ‘everything speaks’; or you may be looking at different aspects of our campus through the ‘lens of the student’; perhaps you have an idea about how to ‘create a WOW’; or musing over how we might make it ‘easy to do business’.

As you begin to embrace these notions, you may notice things about our campus that are impediments to delivering excellent service.  The Service Obstacle System is a tool that you can use to help remove those roadblocks.

What is a Service Obstacle System?

The Service Obstacle System (SOS) at Clarkson is a system designed to allow members of the campus community to identify obstacles that impede our ability to provide excellent service that is Safe, Courteous, Responsive, and Collaborative.

What the Service Obstacle System is Not

It is not a complaint box for Clarkson employees to report minor problems or to complain about a particular individual. The Service Obstacle System serves as a method for identifying barriers that are larger in scope and may prevent more than one person from providing excellent service.

How Does the System Work?

Community members submit a service obstacle. An administrative committee will review submitted service obstacles and develop solutions for any issues identified. Status updates and solutions made towards resolving service obstacles will be shared and communicated.

How to submit a Service Obstacle?

To identify a service obstacle, simply send an email to  In your email, please:

  • Include at least one example of the obstacle

  • Describe the impact on the customer experience and/or your ability to provide excellent service to the customer

  • Include which department(s) might be involved in helping to resolve the obstacle

  • Please be as specific as possible

  • Include any recommendations for solving the issue

  • Let us know if any action has already been taken in an attempt to mitigate the obstacle

From your Service Obstacles Team,
Joshua Fiske
Bill Karis
Gina LaPointe
Matt LeBire
Devon Sutton