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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost for counseling services? 
There is no additional cost for students to see our counselors.

Can parents talk to the counselor about their son/daughter?
Prior to a student engaging in services, this is allowed.  However, once a student begins services, they are covered under CFR 42 regulations and the student must give written permission to release private information.

Can a student get psychopharmacological medications through SHAC?
The health and counseling staff at SHAC can work together to assess and prescribe a student a limited selection of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications. When appropriate, they will refer a student to local providers and have limited ability to refer to a psychiatrist.

Can you make referrals to outside private practitioners?
SHAC staff refers to both local outside private practitioners as well as professionals local to student’s home community.  In St. Lawrence County, there are limited psychiatric services available to students; but the staff makes every effort to connect a student to the best resources available.