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Innovation drives modern, globalized knowledge-based economies. Innovations accumulate primarily at universities. To be useful they need to be translated into practice through commercialization. The mission of the Shipley Center is to accelerate the commercialization of discovery-driven Clarkson innovations into the marketplace, to foster and accelerate the exchange of ideas between the various schools on campus and industry and to prepare and educate the faculty and students for the 21st century entrepreneurial workplace. Clarkson University is well suited to reach these objectives as it is a central resource for technology, engineering, applied science and education, across the expansive North Country Region. University-industry culture already exists through the Center for Advanced Material Processing (CAMP), and our School of Business provides unique opportunities to achieve educational goals and support broader Shipley Center objectives

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Charles R. '84 (HD) and Lucia Shipley
Charles R. ’84 (HD) and Lucia Shipley

In 1999, with the generosity of Charles R. ’84 (HD) and Lucia Shipley the Shipley Center was created. Originally the Center was designed to promote student learning and development in the areas of leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship. It also served as a community resource, assisting local businesses and nonprofits.

Today, the new and enhanced Shipley Center for Innovation serves as an engine for economic development in northern New York by engaging in the creation of new enterprises that capitalize on emerging technologies developed at Clarkson.