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The Smart Housing Project

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  • NYSERDA Kickoff Meeting
  • Woodstock Village Renovations, Summer 2013
  • Graduate student Patrick Wilbur installs a sensor 
  • Electricity Sensor Array
  • Rennovated Woodstock Village Apartments, Fall 2013

Thirteen million students live in student housing in the United States where energy and resource waste stem from the ‘split incentive problem,’ in which the user of the resource does not pay for it. The Smart Housing Project uses a combination of real-time energy feedback (messaging, wall screens, and internet dashboards) with resource use education to help Clarkson students reduce their energy and resource consumption. With support from NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority), IBM, BuildLab, and FLIR Corporation, this project can contribute to reduced energy, water, and heating use.


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