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Benefits of SPEED

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  • Build and improve your communication skills
  • Obtain leadership experience
  • Gain problem-solving skills
  • Meet people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Learn to work effectively in a team environment
  • Gain practical experience
  • Participation looks great on your resume
  • Have fun!

The heart of the SPEED program lies in solving open-ended problems that require research, creativity and risk-taking. Team competition, hands-on problem solving, and relevance to real world application is an overwhelming student motivator. This approach also allows you to integrate research activities into your curriculum. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the design projects, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and experience highly sought by global corporations.


Clarkson's environmental design team, Clarkson University Remediation Engineers (CURE), won second place in the 17th annual International Environmental Design Contest held in New Mexico.

The Clarkson team's design task was to create a treatment process for small produce growers (150-acre farms) to treat surface water that they use in applying crop protection materials before use. The students designed a simple, cost-effective system to remove bacteria and viruses from the water.

A national environmental consulting firm has expressed interest in taking the system to market with help from the University. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also took a strong interest in the design.