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SPEED Sponsors

"… Clarkson grads are well known at P&G for their early and impactful contributions. This success is driven by their team-based, hands-on, technical problem-solving skills …"
— Bob Pike, College Relations Director
Procter & Gamble Company

Clarkson's SPEED program helps students develop competencies that make them competitive and successful in the workforce. Alcoa, Corning, General Electric, Kodak, and Procter & Gamble, major recruiters of Clarkson grads, recognize the benefits of hiring students who have "real-world" experience. By supporting leadership development and sponsoring student teams, these companies have made it possible for Clarkson to provide project opportunities to an average of 200 students each year.

Alcoa — Alcoa provides projects and mentors for students involved in the Manufacturing Experiential Learning Program. Alcoa has provided funding to support all of the SPEED project activities. Alcoa is currently helping Clarkson explore a Faculty Focused Diversity Initiative using the SPEED program as the platform.

Corning, Incorporated — Corning and its employees have been associated with Clarkson's SPEED program for more than a decade. The Corning Inc. Foundation has provided a generous lead gift to Clarkson University for construction of a team project laboratory addition to the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) building. The Corning Foundation Team Learning Center serves as the home base for student team projects.

General Electric Company — With GE as a major partner, Clarkson inaugurated the SPEED program in 1997 to build upon a rich history of successful participation in engineering design competitions including Sunrayce, Formula SAE, and Environmental Design. Through their Learning Excellence Initiative, the GE Fund has been instrumental in advancing all project activities. GE has since continued supporting SPEED through its most recent grant for a complementing curriculum initiative within the School of Engineering and Diversity Training.

Kodak — The Eastman Kodak Company is one of the University's strongest corporate connections on all fronts. From leading edge research, to recruiting students to join their global workforce, from continuing education for employees in Clarkson graduate programs to leadership to the advisory councils for the schools of engineering and business. It is the breadth of these kinds of multifaceted relationships that brought them to the SPEED program. Kodak became a SPEED sponsor in 2000 with a grant earmarked for the prize-winning Environmental Design competition team.

Procter & Gamble — Procter & Gamble is a brand new sponsor of the SPEED program and has been instrumental in facilitating our emerging partnership with Tuskegee University. Like many of the other corporate sponsors of SPEED, Clarkson's partnership with P&G exemplifies the institutions strong industry relations and dedicated alumni network.

SPEED Sponsors

Clarkson students competed at the Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) Forum 2007 in Galveston, Texas. RASC-AL is an annual conference that provides an opportunity for selected students to present the results of their studies to peers and representatives from NASA and industry.

The Clarkson team presented their project, "Manned Missions to Near Earth Objects Using Exploration Systems Architecture Study Hardware."