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There’s a problem. You have to fix it.

Design the solution: an engine, a frame, hull, chassis, span or exoskeleton. But it’s your idea. You build it.

Pop the clutch. Watch it take off. A little smoke is OK — it might even get a few cheers from the crowd. Too much, though, and it’s back to the drawing board.

When it’s right and when it’s fast and tough enough, you’ll compete against teams that are just as driven — and almost as smart — as you.

Want to win? So does everybody else. Prove it — and you’ll prove yourself, too.

  • work on specialized projects
  • develop real-world engineering skills
  • go up against the best in the region, across the U.S. and around the world
  • these teams build engineering marvels — they just might make one out of you, too

Get started already. Join a winning team.

Mini Baja  

Baja SAE
Design and build an amphibious vehicle that can navigate varied challenges — from deep mud and water to sand and steep hills.


Chem E Car
Design and build a model-sized car powered by a (non-combustible) chemical reaction that carries pre-determined cargo a certain distance.

Snowmobile Challenge   Clean Snowmobile and Zero-Emission Snowmobile SAE
Join the teams that offer a unique opportunity to reengineer existing snowmobiles for improved emissions and noise reduction without compromising performance.
Concrete Canoe   Concrete Canoe
Designing and building a canoe made of concrete — that will float and navigate waterways — will test your engineering, production and paddling skills.  
Construction Management   Construction Management
Learn the fundamentals of management in the construction industry while gaining experience in planning a construction project.
Design Build & Fly   Design Build and Fly
Design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric-powered, radio-controlled aircraft.

Engineers Without Borders
Identify needs — in developing communities around the world — that can be met through innovative engineering. Then travel to these places and build projects that will improve the quality of life there.

Environmental Design   Environmental Design
Become a part of the team that designs a wide range of projects, from sustainable food production to waste management and treatment processes that remediate hazardous waste sites.
Robot   FIRST Robotics
Design and build a remote-control robot that can win competitions around the region and across the country.
Formula SAE   Formula SAE
Design, build, test and race a scaled-down, Formula-1-style race car.
 HPV team  

Human Powered Vehicle Challenge
Design, build, test and race a lightweight vehicle, using high-performance bicycle components and aircraft-grade aluminum.

Steel   Steel Bridge
Design a steel bridge that's easy to build, relatively light and able to withstand incredibly heavy loads.
Timber Bridge   Timber Bridge
Gain practical hands-on experience designing, building and testing a bridge made almost entirely of wood.


The Clarkson University Chem-E-Car team competed at the national American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AiChe) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah earlier this year.

The teams designed and built a model-sized car, powered by a non-combustion chemical reaction, that carried a specified cargo a certain distance. The Clarkson Chem-E-Car, known as the "Goodness Gradient," traveled 10 feet the first trial and 12 feet in the second trial.