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Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design

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Formula SAE:

Here’s the challenge:

Design and build a scaled-down version of a Formula-1 race car that is faster, handles better and out-performs other teams’ cars — in every possible way.

Work toward meeting this challenge and you will:

-Get hands-on experience designing and building a small race car
-Drive it
-Learn how to work with — and lead — teams of student engineers
-Learn how to make vehicles that move people — in more ways than one

 Compete against teams from around the world. It’s not the fastest car that wins. Rather, it’s the team with the best overall package in vehicle design, cost management, sales presentations and on-track performance.

The Formula SAE competition extends the classroom by incorporating intensive, real-world experience in design and manufacturing — as well as consideration of the many economic aspects of the automotive industry.

Advisor: John Moosbruger

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