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The Student Success Center (SSC) staff is interested in your academic future.  We have designed our services to help you reach your academic goals.  Whether you are a first year student or a graduate student, whether you are struggling with classes or on the Dean’s list, we have something for you.  The Student Success Center serves as the home for First Year Student Advising/University Studies Program, Accommodative Services, Student Support Services and Tutoring.  Our staff provides programs and services for students to aid in their development and success. The SSC provides one-stop-shopping for the tools you need to be successful at Clarkson.

Mission of the Student Success Center:
The mission of the Student Success Center is to provide structured and effective services, opportunities and experiences in a proactive and supportive environment.  Using a collaborative approach within and across the campus community the SSC offers all students access to academic counseling and advisement, as well as tutoring and disability services.

We believe in the ability of all well-equipped students to persist and achieve at Clarkson University.  The SSC is the centralized location for students to access supports and services to ensure a successful academic career. 

Vision for the Student Success Center:
To be recognized within the Clarkson University community as a vital and visible asset delivering services through a dedicated and professional staff in an atmosphere which fosters personal growth and celebrates success.

Civil engineering major David Champoux '11

Thank you Student Success Center!

Civil engineering major David Champoux '11 credits Success Center programs for helping him realize success inside - and outside - the classroom. Read his story.