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Student Support Services

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The program receives $266,000 in federal funds annually to provide services for 160 students who can qualify by meeting one or more of the federal criteria based on first generation college status, income or documented disability. Additionally, the Student Support Services office screens and refers non-qualifying students to Clarkson funded tutoring services and academic assistance.

Qualifying students may:

  • Meet with a member of the staff for an intake interview and needs assessment
  • Receive a specially designed daily planner
  • Receive weekly tutoring in small groups, or individual tutoring, in cases of special need
  • Attend workshops on a variety of subjects
  • Make use of loaner laptops that have assistive technology software on them.
  • Meet regularly or on an as-needed basis with an academic specialist to receive assistance in such areas as development and strengthening of study techniques, improving motivation, informal academic advising, dealing with test taking stress and time management skills.

Additionally, first and second year students who are qualified both by income and first- generation college status, who are in good academic standing after fall semester and who meet additional qualifications, may receive a grant award to supplement their financial aid package.

Contact the Student Success Center for more information


ERC Suite 1400

Office Hours:
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday