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About Horzons III

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About Horizons III

While Horizons I and II focused on math, science, and engineering-based curriculum, Horizons III is intended to prepare young women for the exciting road ahead: college! Participants in Horizons III will take math and verbal SAT prep courses, learn to navigate the college admissions and financial aid processes, and explore career choices. Additionally, Horizons III continues to focus on leadership and decision-making skills through team building and awareness activities. To participate in Horizons III, the applicant must be in the 10th or 11th grade and have previously participated in Horizons II.

Horizons III Curriculum:

Broad overviews of the curriculum include a focus on academics, but participants will also explore new concepts with an eye toward college and career preparation, in addition to the skills expected to be of benefit now and into the future. This will be accomplished through, but is not limited to, the following objectives:

  • Increasing math competency through focused preparation for SAT/ACT exams;
  • Enhancing problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking skills;
  • Building student confidence to perform and apply skills through interactive, hands-on, cooperative learning experiences where participants work together to solve problems;
  • Identifying resources to build a career and select a college;
  • Unraveling the mystery of the FAFSA form and financial aid;
  • Embracing transition and recognizing that college is not an extension of high school;
  • Turning indecisiveness into action by building emotional and mental muscle, i.e., becoming aware of emotional strengths, solving personal problems creatively, and developing the ability to make decisions, be self-reliant, and display self-restraint;
  • Developing or expanding leadership skills, and communication skills;
  • Increasing understanding of social policy, gender equity, and sensitivity;
  • Managing time and maintaining balance;
  • Developing oral, written and presentation skills through discussion of global and cultural issues.

Application Material:

Horizons III Application
Horizons Questionnaire
Recommendation Form

Tuition Information for Horizons III

The annual tuition is $700 for Horizons III and includes housing, food, all instructional materials, and costs for any field trips. Travel to and from the program is not included in the tuition.

No funds are required at the application stage, however, upon receipt of the letter of acceptance from Clarkson a $150 nonrefundable deposit is immediately due to reserve the applicant's spot until the total tuition is paid. The $550 balance is required to arrive at Clarkson on or before May 26, 2017, to finalize the candidate's admission to the program. Unpaid spots are then given to waitlisted applicants.

EXCEPTION: Schools and agencies who indicate they are covering tuition for an accepted student should fill out the Vendor Payment Form (included in the acceptance packet) to arrange payment. If the school or agency is using a purchase order, they will not be required to meet the preprogram payment deadline and will be invoiced. They will need to submit a copy of the purchase order and the purchase order number with the Vendor Payment Form and by the deadline date of May 26, 2017.

Between June 2 22, 2017, refunds of payments other than the deposit are possible after discussion and agreement with the Program Director. No refunds will be made after June 23, 2017.

Program Dates for Summer 2017:

Horizons III
Week 1: July 15 - July 21
Week 2: July 22 - July 28