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Student Success, Diversity & Inclusion (SS, D&I)

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The mission of the Student Success, Diversity and Inclusion organization is to serve and embrace all students. We are committed to providing access and opportunity programming for student success.

Using a collaborative approach, we provide academic monitoring and advisement, student engagement, professional development opportunities and support retention initiatives to graduate culturally competent students.  

To be recognized as a dynamic and visible asset delivering services through a dedicated, professional and caring staff in an atmosphere which fosters growth and celebrates diversity and student success.

WELCOME!  Whether you are a first year student or a graduate student, whether you are struggling with classes or on the Dean’s List, we have something for you.  The staff of  SS, D&I are interested in your future and your success.

The staff provide a number of programs and services designed to help students reach their academic and professional goals.  They are focused on the creation of a one-stop shopping experience for the tools students need and the academic experience that prepares students to excel at Clarkson and in the increasingly diverse working environment of the 21st century.

Today’s successful graduate will be required to navigate the issues of gender, race, disability, socio-economic status, and nationality with aplomb during the course of his or her professional career.  The SS, D&I  has a commitment to the recruitment of a diverse campus community and the provision of academic support for all students on campus.