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AISES is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to increase the number of American Indian scientists and engineers in the nation to develop technologically informed leaders within the Indian community. AISES acts as a catalyst for the advancement of American Indians as they seek to become self-reliant and self-determined members of society. AISES begins working with American Indian students as early as elementary school to strengthen their educational background in math and science. AISES educates and prepares elementary school students for the academic and cultural pressures of life off the reservation. At the college level, AISES provides scholarships, mentoring support and leadership training to further prepare American Indian students for successful science and engineering careers. AISES asks each student to give back to the Indian community after graduation; thus AISES students become more than professionals in the technological world — they become architects of a new destiny.

 AISES LOGO Represents the covering and protection of the traditional structure over Native family and cultural values.
 AISES LOGO Part Portrays the sun's rays striking an ancient Indian calendar as at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, or the Pueblo at Casa Grande, Arizona, indicating a proper time to plant in the spring, harvest and even to hunt. The discovery is considered to be one of the greatest American Indian "scientific" achievements.
 AISES LOGO Part Represents the kernel of corn, a substance central to American Indian life.