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NSBE seeks to stimulate and develop student interest in engineering and strives to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. NSBE stimulates and develops student interest in engineering. NSBE's goal is to recruit, retain, and graduate successful engineers.


NSBE at Clarkson is governed by a Constitution which is ratified by its membership. The Constitution provides for a  Executive Board (EB) members to oversee the programs and activities of the Society. The EB itself is governed by a set of By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. The By-Laws provide more specific information regarding organizational working rules.  

The EB is comprised of nine (9) elected positions and several officially appointed positions.

NSBE at Clarkson is in Region 1 which is one of six geographic regions designed to facilitate effective communication and action among its 270 student chapters and 50 alumni chapters across the nation. The regions serve as an administrative channel through which information from the National Executive Board and National Headquarters is disseminated. Regions have executive boards (REBs) modeled after the NEB which provide direction to their chapters and assist in coordinating chapter activities.

Alumni Extension
The NSBE Alumni Extension affords the NSBE graduate the opportunity to participate in activities which support the goals and objectives of the Society. In this way, professional engineers and scientists can continue their association with the organization. The mission of the Alumni Extension is to support NSBE in a way that develops and enhances NSBE's existing programs, increases technical awareness in the African-American community, encourages scholastic achievement, and stimulates enthusiasm among their professional colleagues. The Alumni Executive Board (AEB) is comprised of elected positions appointed positions, and is headed by the National Alumni Chairperson who holds one seat on the National Executive Board (NEB).

NSBE student chapters, located at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada, are the center of the Society’s activities. Chapter membership provides the creative and programmatic impetus which directs the entire organization. The Chapter Executive Board is comprised of elected and appointed positions.

World Headquarters
The NSBE World Headquarters (WHQ) is located at 205 Daingerfield Road in Alexandria, Virginia. The World Headquarters helps to provide the continuity necessary to achieve the Society's goals. The headquarters staff manages the Society’s daily operations and fundraising activities, provides for the continuity of its programs, and serves as a central point of contact for both NSBE members and the general public. Staff activities are coordinated by the National Executive Director, who reports directly to the NEB.

The World Headquarters also houses the membership database as well as NSBE Publications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSBE which is responsible for the production of NSBE Magazine, the Career Engineer, the Bridge and the NSBE Bulletin.

NSBE Advisors  -  Philosophy of NSBE Advising
A NSBE advisor must be supremely confident in the capability of NSBE officers at all levels to manage the organization. Thus, the role of an advisor is to outline all of the various pros, cons, and possible consequences of particular actions for all the various issues which NSBE officers face. With the benefit of the experienced perspectives of their advisors, the NSBE members are then fully equipped to make the proper decisions and to choose their own direction.




“The NSBE Torch symbolizes our everlasting burning desire to achieve success in this competitive society and to affect a positive change on the quality of life for all people. The lightning bolts represent the striking impact that will be felt by the Society and industry due to the contributions and accomplishments made by dedicated members of the National Society of Black Engineers.”  

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