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Summer Camps

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Summer Camp FAQ

Q: What Clarkson Summer Camps will be held?
A: (links to individual camp pages here)

Q: What kind of summer camp activities will my child be doing?
A: Your child will be participating in daytime activities related to the type of camp he/she chose to attend (volleyball, academic, robotics, etc.). He/she, if in an overnight camp, will also be participating in after-hours activities while under the supervision of camp counselors, such as movie night and game night.

Q: What safety precautions are taken for high-risk activities?
A: There are no high-risk activities involved, however as Clarkson University has full access to Campus Safety and local medical resources for any medical emergencies that may arise.

Q: How does your camp accommodate food allergies and special needs?
A: Please indicate necessary accommodations in your application and we will do our best to meet those needs.

Q: What is the average age level of the counselors?
A: Most camp counselors fall into the traditional college-aged category. All supervisory staff, however, are older professional staff members of Clarkson University.

Q: What is your policy on parental visits, phone calls and faxes?
A: Our office encourages your participation. Please contact our offices to facilitate visits at 315.268.4153.

Q: Do you distribute medicine to campers?
A: Our trained medical staff can distribute pills or other oral medications, as well as store injectable medications. Our staff, however, CANNOT inject medications or facilitate wound care or cleaning. In these cases, parents or guardians must be responsible for camper care.