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Support Staff By-Laws



The Support Staff of Clarkson University is comprised of all those employees who are hourly regular, part or full-time non-maintenance wage earners paid by Clarkson University. Temporary employees have nonvoting status.

Mission Statement

The Support Staff Council serves as a liaison between hourly non-maintenance support staff and Clarkson Administration to bring issues of concern to their attention. It is the Council’s goal to bring support staff together to encourage teamwork throughout the campus community and village community, develop and implement programs of interest to this group, and to ensure that support staff members are aware of the university’s mission, which is “to educate talented and motivated men and women”. 

Article I

Council Members

A. On behalf of the Support Staff these Support Staff Council members shall act as spokespersons with Clarkson administrators, maintenance representatives, and all other University organizations.

B. The Support Staff shall be represented by five Support Staff Council members elected by a majority of the Support Staff. (For definition of majority, see Article III- Voting on Issues of Concern.)

C. The term of office shall be two years and shall run from July 1 to June 30.

D. These five Support Staff Council members shall choose a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and ad hoc committee chairperson.

E. One and one-half hours a month shall be allocated to each Support Staff Council member for the purpose of attending Support Staff Council meetings.

Article II (1)

Nomination and Election of Council Members

A. Nominations: Nominations shall be solicited by the Support Staff Council members and returned to the Support Staff Council for processing by June 1.

B. Ballot: The official voting ballot, including absentee ballots, will be created and made available by the Support Staff Council members. Absentee ballots should be requested and returned in a sealed envelope by the June meeting.

C. Voting will occur at a June meeting called by the Support Staff Council.

D. Each winning candidate will be determined by the largest number of votes cast. A tie vote shall be resolved by a mail ballot.

E. Results will be announced by the Support Staff Council as soon as they become available.

Article II (2)


A. Within two weeks of the departing Support Staff Council member's end of employment or of that person's official resignation as a Support Staff Council member, that person's Staff Council position shall be filled by the candidate receiving the next largest number of votes from the previous election and will be notified by the Support Staff Council.

Article III

Voting on Issues of Concern

A. Voting on Issues of Concern. Only regular full-and part-time employees may vote on issues; temporary employees are excluded from voting, but are encouraged to participate in all discussions at meetings. Council members, as a group, never vote alone on issues; they vote only as a part of the entire Support Staff membership.

B. The vote of the majority shall decide all matters brought before this group. The term majority is defined as a simple majority, that is fifty percent plus one of those voting.

Article IV


A. The Support Staff Council shall hold at least six meetings between July 1 and June 30 of each academic year. Provisions for the time and place of these meetings will be made by the Support Staff Council.

B. Support Staff members are invited to attend all meetings. These meetings shall establish policies, priorities, and all matters of interest to the Support Staff, including reports on meetings between Support Staff Council and administrators and announcements of any new University policies.

C. The Support Staff Council will have periodic meetings with the administrative liaison/advisor and other administration members as deemed appropriate.

D. The secretary of the Council shall distribute to the Support Staff members an announcement of a meeting along with its agenda and any relevant documents in sufficient time for interested Support Staff members to attend and discuss matters at that meeting.

E. Minutes of each meeting shall be distributed to Staff members in a timely manner.

F. Requests for special meetings may be made by any Staff member by submitting a written request to the Support Staff Council. Notification of all special meetings shall be announced by campus mail.

Article V 


A. All matters of concern that a Staff member feels should be considered by the Support Staff body for submission to the Administration - questions, complaints, suggestions - must be submitted in writing to a current Support Staff Council member for discussion at the next general Support Staff meeting.

B. Identities of the originator(s) of all matters sent to the Support Staff Council shall be kept confidential, unless written permission is given by the originator(s) to release the name(s).

Article VI

Procedures for Amending this Policies and Procedures Statement

A. An amendment to this Policies and Procedures statement will be discussed at a Support Staff meeting. Subsequent to this meeting, a copy of the amendment and a ballot will be mailed to each support staff member. A simple majority of those voting will determine its passing.

Article VII

Liaison Duties

A. The advisor to and liaison between the Support Staff and administration will attend Support Staff Council meetings as necessary by request of the Council members. He/she will also transmit any requests or recommendations to be submitted to higher administration in written form, with the approval of the Council members. Attendance at Support Staff general meetings will not be necessary.

October 1994

Revised, May 25, 1994

Revised November 2005

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