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What is the cost to attend The Clarkson School?

2017-2018 Summary of Costs

Tuition: $46,700
Housing & Meals: $14,182
Student Activity Fees: $1,250
Clarkson School Fee: $550
Total Cost: $62,682*

The Clarkson School Fee:

This assists in covering various student activities such as field trips.  In addition, a portion of the fee provides for any guest lectures and special meals sponsored by The Clarkson School.

Clarkson Univeristy Fees:

This fee is charged to each full-time student by the Clarkson Student Government in support of the student activity programs for clubs, organizations and campus events.The funds are also applied toward expenses incurred in the operation of the Student Health Center and the recreational facilities available to the students.  This fee is not a premium for health insurance.  

*Other expenses such as books, travel and spending money vary from student to student.  An estimated figure used for these expenses is approximately $3,736 for one academic year.