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Applying as a Home Schooled Student

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The Clarkson School welcomes applications from home schooled students.  We recognize that your experience as a home schooled student will be somewhat different from students in traditional schools.  As such we, will look at your academic record, along with any non-academic interests and commitments, within the context of your particular home school curriculum and experience.

We understand that for many home schooled student there is not as clear a distinction between academic and non-academic activities as there might be for students in a traditional high school.  The more you can document for us and describe what you have done during your high school years, academically and otherwise, the better.  Feel free to expand on the questions on our application forms if they don't cover everything you think is important for us to know.


It is most useful if your references come from three different adults who can comment on your intellectual interests, academic preparation, and extracurricular involvement.  Most home schooled applicants ask a parent to complete the Secondary School Report, and they ask others who have known them in an academic setting to complete the teacher references.  If you have taken any high school or college courses, or had a teacher other than a parent in a particular subject, we encourage you to ask those professors or teachers to write your references.

Academic Preparation and Transcript

We look for student who have challenged themselves with rigorous study in a range of academic areas during their high school years, but we understand the exact course of study varies amongst our applicants.

Please provide us with detailed information about the academic program you have followed.  If you are not able to provide a traditional transcript of course grades (sample), include an outline of your high school curriculum.  If you have taken any courses at a school, college, or online, please be sure to have official transcripts sent to The Clarkson School.


All applicants, including home schooled student, are expected to take the SAT and/or PSAT Reasoning Test, or the ACT and/or PLAN.  SAT Subject tests, while not required, can be taken to further demonstrate academic breadth in the absence of traditional grades.