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Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

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The LSAT is a standardized test administered four times each year throughout the world. Most law schools throughout the US and Canada use the LSAT results as part of their admission process. All LSAC-member schools require their applicants to take the LSAT exam. Admission to law school is more competitive than ever. Therefore, adequate preparation is imperative, the key in fact, to a high score on the LSAT exam. Taking our LSAT Prep Course will give you confidence both in your knowledge and in your ability to demonstrate that knowledge.

Our LSAT preparation course offers 30 hours of instruction with an emphasis on test content. The majority of class time is devoted to reviewing examples of test questions, exploring the rationale behind the correct answers, and explaining the underlying principles that apply to related questions. Sound test-taking techniques and strategies, rather than tricks, will be discussed.

LSAT Prep Courses are offered during both the Fall and Spring semesters. The next LSAT Prep Course begins November 11, 2017.   Please click on the registration form below to find more information about these courses, including dates, times and fees.

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If you would like information about practice tests that you can take online, please visit the following website: