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About the Trudeau Scholars Program

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The Clarkson Trudeau Biomedical Scholars Program:

The Clarkson Trudeau Semester in Biomedical Sciences Program (the "Trudeau Semester") is an undergraduate program designed to provide a select group of undergraduate students the opportunity to learn multidisciplinary aspect of bioscience related to the human health field. The Trudeau Semester is taught by Clarkson and Trudeau Institute faculty who are respective experts in their field. The academic program provides a range of disciplines that by design will each contribute to a related topic that is the focus of a semester-long, integrative project that aims to demonstrate how technology serves humanity, a core Clarkson value.

The Trudeau Semester appeals to students interested in the field of human health science and biotechnology. Courses are designed to fit seamlessly with Clarkson University Biology and Biomolecular Science majors. It is also attractive to students from other majors at Clarkson University and other universities who seek a rigorous program that will enrich their academic and life experiences in preparation for a career in the medical field.

All courses will take place at the renowned Trudeau Institute. Academic credits (15 cr.) for the entire semester will be offered by Clarkson University.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at the Trudeau Institute
U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visits Clarkson Trudeau Scholars conducting research in Trudeau Institute Laboratories.