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Stephen Casper, PhD  

Stephen Casper, PhD
Statement: I am an historian of medicine, author of histories of neuroscience and neurology, blogger on critical neuroscience and I'm looking forward to telling you what I know about the history of blood, guts, and filth.

Laura Ettinger  

Laura Ettinger, PhD
Statement: We’ll explore the history of public health in a place internationally known for TB treatment.  We’ll visit an original Trudeau Institute research laboratory (circa 1894) and “cure cottages” and contribute to the history of medicine in Saranac Lake!

Kathleen Lanzer  

Kathleen Lanzer, BS
 Statement: Flow cytometry has become an increasingly useful tool in biological research and has many applications in the clinical laboratory.  Students pursuing health or biological studies will benefit from even a basic knowledge of flow cytometry and its applications, enabling them to understand data presented by others as well as providing the ability to utilize the technique in their own studies.

Kenneth Wallace  

Kenneth Wallace, PhD
Statement:  I am a Developmental and Molecular Biologist investigating formation of intestinal epithelial cells from developing stem cell compartment using the zebrafish model system at Clarkson University.   We will explore topics in DNA replication, repair, and recombination.  In addition, we will discuss transcription and translation of proteins.  We will discuss primary literature as well as health issues related to defects or normal process related to these topics.

Timothy Sellati  

Timothy Sellati, PhD
Statement: I will be guiding students to assess, on a genetic level, the invasiveness of Borrelia burgdorferi, the microbial pathogen responsible for Lyme disease.

Mike Tighe  

Mike Tighe, AAS
Statement: The students will learn how Trudeau scientists use histology and microscopy techniques as a tool to study how our immune system responds to pathogens. We’ll learn how to process and stain tissues. We’ll also learn how to properly set up a microscope for observation and Imaging.

Andreas Wilke   Andreas Wilke, PhD
Statement: I am a cognitive psychologist studying the evolution of judgment and decision-making capacities. We will explore how people reason under risk and uncertainty, investigate human risk perception, and learn how health professionals should properly communicate risks and uncertainties to foster good decision making outcomes.
 Brian Leydet    Brien Leydet                                                                                                                                                             
Statement:  I am a vector borne disease biologist studying the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato bacteria (causative agent of Lyme disease) and Ixodes scapularis (the vector tick).  Combining field based studies with both molecular methods and laboratory transmission models allows us to answer questions about this highly complex disease.