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Trudeau Semester FAQs

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  1. Will the Term Integrated Research Project (TIRP) change from semester to semester?
     Since various research faculty become involved with this semester of intensive instruction each semester the TRIP is likely to change each semester.  The initial TIRP (Spring 2015 was on the Lyme Disease Invasion of the Adirondack Mountain region.  The initial TIRP (Spring 2015) was on the Lyme Disease Invasion of the Adirondack Mountain region; the Fall 2015 TIRP was on vaccine development for influenza.
  2. Is a background in Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) suitable for participation in the Trudeau Semester?
    Yes.  EHS has a human health perspective so it is indeed compatible with the topics in the Trudeau Semester and will broaden and enhance an EHS degree.
  3. Does a student need knowledge in biology for the Trudeau Semester?
    Yes. Knowledge of biology is necessary, in particular, genetics. 
  4. Is there a GPA requirement?
    We will select students in part based on their GPA and the difficulty and content of the courses they have enrolled in and completed.
  5. How often is the Trudeau Semester offered?
    The first semester-long programs took place January-April 2015, and August-December 2015.  We anticipate the next semester to take place starting in January 2017.
  6. Does the Trudeau Semester replace the summer internship program at the Trudeau Institute?
    No.  The summer internship program is a separate research assistantship program for undergraduates working at the Trudeau Institute.
  7. Are there any scholarships available to help support students accepted into this program?
    At present there are no extra scholarships available.
  8. Is there a Residence Advisor (RA) in the housing?
    Yes, one student in the cohort will serve as RA.  An RA has added responsibilities and will be compensated by having a reduction in the cost of board.
  9. Do students work independently on the Term Integrated Project (TIP)?
    The TIP is designed to be a group project. Each student will be responsible for their own contributions to the overall project success.  The TIP is designed as a guided-inquiry course, wherein the professors introduce the students to the project, assist them in applying their acquired skills to solving the problem, and keeping the discovery on track to addressing the main problem within the constraints of the course time frame.
  10. Is there a Health Center for student use?
    Students can access the Clarkson University Health Center and there will be arrangements in place for local health clinic access if needed. The Adirondack Medical Center is about a mile away and provides full community hospital service.
  11. Is there a fitness center?
    The Trudeau Institute campus does not have a fitness center.  There are indoor fitness centers in Saranac Lake and of course, numerous outdoor opportunities ranging from Olympic sport facilities in nearby Lake Placid to local hiking adventures.
  12. Will there be any activity fees associated with this program.
    Yes, there are some mandatory activities (e.g., Wilderness First Aid course) that will require additional module fees but no more than normal fees paid by students on Clarkson Campus.
  13. When will decisions be made?
    We expect to have students notified of their acceptance into the program by the third week of November.  In order to coordinate logistics, students will be required to have a verification of their TB test before final acceptance is made.
  14. Can a student apply to the program without a previous course in genetics?
    We highly recommend that a student will have a genetics course completed before participating in this program.
  15. How many students will be accepted into the program?
    We have accommodations for eight (8) students for the Spring 2015 semester; we expect this class size to expand for future semesters.