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Technical Support Service

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 Technical Support Service provides fabrication and laboratory services to research faculty, teaching faculty, and students.  Located within the Coulter School of Engineering, TSS is comprised of the Research Prototyping Laboratory, the Electronics shop, staff offices, and the Student Prototyping Laboratory.

The Research Prototyping Laboratory is a full service machine shop providing machining, fabrication services, and design assistance in support of research projects and laboratory experiments.  The shop is equipped with conventional and state of the art computer driven mills and lathes. It is a one stop source for repairs, design services, fabrication, instrumentation services, and laboratory support.

The Student Prototyping laboratory is a fully equipped machine shop for student use.  Manual lathes and mills as well as computer driven machining centers are provided for students to use for undergraduate research and engineering competitions.  The student shop is staffed by skilled machinists who train all students in the safe use of equipment and help solve fabrication problems.

In support of the student machine shop, the staff of TSS also provides safety certification courses.  These Multidisciplinary Project Team Undergraduate Courses (MT Courses) are designed to introduce students to the basic theory and operation of the machines in the Student Shop.  These courses are required to use all equipment in the Student Machine Shop.