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Be sure to check our dynamic Writing Center hub at which will house information about our Writing Center services, schedule of events, resources, success stories, writing tips and up-to-date information to help students improve their writing over their four years at Clarkson. 

Clarkson University's Writing Center is an arm of the Center for Excellence in Communication (CEC) in the Schoolf of Arts & Sciences. The mission of the Writing Center at Clarkson University is to help students become better writers as the primary goal, while fully supporting Clarkson’s Communication Across the Curriculum Initiative, faculty curricular objectives, and the growth and development of the Center’s Writing Consultants. We work closely with Clarkson's Co-Writing Program, which readies students entering Clarkson University as first-year students for college-level writing as well as other writing-intensive courses and initiatives. It is currently directed by Courtney Johnson-Woods, who also teaches in the Communication & Media Program. 


We utilize a model of Peer-to-Peer conferencing, a form of collaborative learning based on what Socrates might have described as ‘exploratory’ rather than ‘evaluative’ dialogue. In other words, writers can expect to be asked a number of questions from their tutors when they arrive at the Writing Center in the form of a conversation, as opposed to being greeted by someone eager to edit their work with a red pen!

This type of approach might seem uncommon to many students and faculty members, but research finds that this dialectic interaction helps students better discover, develop, and articulate their own ideas. Our tutors gain a tremendous amount of value in the way of real- life experience and improved competence from this collaboration as well. So it is a win-win for all those involved.

Visit - our new Dynamic Hub for our Writing Center & Writing Excellence! 

If you missed our hours, it is on our main page, If you would like additional information about Clarkson’s Writing Center, please visit our dynamic website, where you will find resources, news, tips, schedule of events and other important information. If you still have unanswered questions, please contact Courtney Johnson-Woods, Writing Center Director at 268-4439 or email her at

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