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Advanced Materials

Shoppers might get excited about materials like nylon and cotton. But the materials we're talking about are plastics, thin films, and tiny, tiny particles. Without this research, there would be no improvements in areas like x-rays and MRIs, or computer chips and bio-sensors. Those are today's challenges. We're on it. You will find much more information at our Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), a research institute that draws several million dollars in research funding each year and works with industrial partners in New York State and across the globe.


Through an innovative regional partnership with the Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake, N.Y, Clarkson University is strongly connected to immunoengineering and biotech development.  Our biotechnology projects span the boundaries between academic research and real health-related benefits. Virtual wheelchair training, coatings for artificial knees, and heart valve replacements — all of it is life-altering examples of technology serving humanity. Then there is Clarkson's Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST), where biotechnology, physical therapy, science, and assistive technology come together to improve lives impacted by injury or disease.  Real-world learning that helps real people. That's preparation. For life.

Environment & Energy

Think about the air you breathe; the water you drink. Think about how producing energy can affect the environment. Think about limited resources and the need for new, renewable energy supplies. Defy convention. Believe in a better way. Daily.  Clarkson faculty from a range of fields concern themselves with the environment and energy. Clarkson students are involved in initiatives like Focus the Nation, eco challenges and the greening our own campus master plan.  Clarkson's Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries and the Clarkson Institute for a Sustainable Environment are great places to start investigating Clarkson's role in leading change and creating sustainable systems across the globe.  


Research and discovery tells only part of the Clarkson story.  Through initiatives like the Reh Center for Entrepreneurship, our entrepreneurial culture promotes innovation to create the processes and opportunities for commercialization of our ideas and connects us to the world at large.   Whether you want to lead a big company or work for yourself, you'll be immersed in the experiences that let you just do it from the first day you arrive on campus. You will launch, run, and close your own business in your first year of college. You can talk about patent development with faculty.  You can seek out capital investors.  Demanding? Yes. Real-world? Definitely. Rewarding? Absolutely — now and into the future; intellectually and financially. This is one reason that one out of every 6 Clarkson alumni is a CEO, vice president or business owner.

Global Supply Chain Management

Talk about boundary spanning. Managing a global supply chain means knowing everything about a business: the customer, the information technology, the engineering challenges, and getting supplies and products from Point A to Point B. Get ready for a great career and to work side-by-side with people from other disciplines and from other parts of the world.


With our roots as a technological institution, information technology, simulation techniques and ubiquitous network access are pervasive on our campus.  These underpin our success across all disciplines and heighten our strengths in select pursuits.

Excelleration: defined at Clarkson as excelling in a fast-paced world.

We know our niche and we're taking deliberate steps to continue and grow our excellence in five key areas. All five span boundaries and take advantage of Clarkson's commitment to teamwork and the combined ingenuity of our faculty. When you are the fifth smallest nationally ranked research university, you have some advantages.  We focus. We excel at what we do.

For you as an undergraduate student, that means working with preeminent faculty, having access to research opportunities early in your academic career, and getting an education that will give you a leg up in the job market.   For graduate students, it means we are focused in select niche areas that will enrich and ensure you are getting the best education in fields we are passionate about pursuing.  For faculty, that means while we enjoy teaching undergraduates broadly in the disciplines, we are committed to achieving critical mass of scholars and the resources we need to compete at the highest levels for research and commercialization opportunities.