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Vision of a Clarkson Education

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The Clarkson University educational experience is designed to provide talented and ambitious students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve positions of leadership within their chosen profession. The combination of Clarkson’s strong technologically rich curricula and state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, coupled with an unparalleled commitment to a friendly learning environment and to students’ personal development, uniquely prepares Clarkson graduates to excel in their chosen professions and to lead rewarding and creative lives.

In addition to attaining mastery of the core knowledge within his or her field, a Clarkson education is designed to enable students to:

  • solve real-world, open-ended problems with creativity and risk taking to obtain solutions that are practical and sustainable, including those they encounter in state-of-the-art research under the direction of distinguished faculty;
  • develop and refine exceptional communication skills with an awareness of potential cultural differences;
  • lead effectively and work productively within disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams composed of members with diverse interests and backgrounds;
  • excel in using computing and information technologies;
  • learn through instruction and guidance by nationally recognized faculty whose commitment to both teaching and research has made Clarkson a nationally ranked university.

A Clarkson student’s education is greatly enhanced by a personal and friendly learning environment, within a small, residential, nationally recognized University, which:

  • places students at the center of the educational process and where all employees have a commitment to creating an environment that contributes positively to students’ overall educational experience;
  • draws undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff together into a cohesive and stimulating learning community, wherein an atmosphere of scholarship and spirit of research is cultivated;
  • uses our campus as a living laboratory to improve learning, and uses the wider region to broaden and extend Clarkson’s outreach and service;
  • provides personal advising and interaction with faculty and staff as well as supportive relationships among students;
  • offers many leadership opportunities through co-curricular groups and activities;
  • respects and learns from its community of diverse people, backgrounds and cultures.

Together, these provide a unique educational experience that is directed toward developing the whole person.

Mission, Vision & Values

  • The Vision of a Clarkson Education

    was adopted by the University and Board of Trustees on November 1, 1995.

It remains a pivotal guiding piece for our long-range planning and philosophy of education.