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Clarkson University is an independent, nationally recognized technological university whose faculty of teacher-scholars aspires to offer superior instruction and engage in high-quality research and scholarship in engineering, business, science, health, and liberal arts.  Our primary mission is to educate talented and motivated men and women to become successful professionals through quality pre-collegiate, undergraduate, graduate, and professional continuing education programs, with particular emphasis on the undergraduate experience. Our community and campus settings enhance the quality of student life and afford students access to and interaction with their faculty. We value the diversity of our University community, and we strive to attune ourselves and our programs to our global, pluralistic society. We share the belief that humane and environmentally sound economic and social development derive from the expansion, diffusion, and application of knowledge.

Clarkson University was founded in memory of Thomas S. Clarkson, a northern New York resident characterized by both his varied successful business operations and by his deep concern for humanity. When he died, as the result of an accident in his sandstone quarry in 1894, his sisters, Elizabeth, Frederica, and Lavinia, established a memorial in his name by building and endowing an institution that would embody his philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit. After the first building was completed, 17 young men and women enrolled on September 2, 1896, at the Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial School of Technology.  Clarkson became a university in 1984 to reflect the breadth and diversity of scholarship at the institution.