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Our Ambition for Clarkson@125: Double Down on Clarkson’s Evolution to Excellence

Clarkson@125: the University Strategic Plan for 2014-2021, is a renewed commitment to Clarkson University’s ongoing evolution to excellence that recognizes, celebrates and builds on our achievements. A Clarkson education emphasizes the creation of knowledge for developing practical, sustainable solutions to today’s problems and the commercialization of those solutions to create social and economic wealth.  In looking ahead to milestones that will define Clarkson at its 125th anniversary in 2021, Clarkson's evolving strengths and vision for the future intersect precisely with the needs of our technologically driven society. We urgently need to extend our momentum and place our strategic bets in those areas that turn our accomplishments into enhanced reputation and resources, and that continue to prepare our students for remarkably successful careers.

During the next eight years, we will double down on key objectives launched in the last decade to raise our academic excellence and the engagement of our students and alumni.  Clarkson University has the education that students need now to compete for the best jobs, and has a research portfolio that helps American companies drive innovation. The Evolution to Academic Excellence plan (2003-2013) put Clarkson on a national stage as a tremendous value for students and their future career success, expanded our alumni network and generated a measurable buzz around a vision to develop a new entity in higher education. The result of study and contribution from across the institution, Evolution to Academic Excellence provided the foundation for Clarkson's Schools of Engineering, Business and Arts & Sciences to develop individual strategic plans integrated with the overall goals of the University as well as consistent with their own unique challenges, opportunities, and accreditation standards. Other University units followed suit with integrated strategic operating plans to embody excellence in all priority areas and accelerate the vision of Evolution to Academic Excellence, as well as support and service the academic enterprise.

Clarkson students, faculty and alumni hold the promise of building on a rich history and creating a great future -- both for our University and for our world.  They not only have the skills, experience and resolve to make a difference -- they also have the attitude. An attitude that insists on never being satisfied with one's achievements, a belief that success is no excuse for complacency. It is an attitude that fuels Clarkson's ongoing Evolution to Excellence and its desire to continually innovate to remain competitive.

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Clarkson Values Statement

Teamwork.  Caring.  Integrity.  Vision.  Diversity. Service.  Growth.  Diligence.  These are the values that underlie Clarkson University today have shaped the institution since its founding in 1896 as a memorial to Potsdam businessman Thomas S. Clarkson.  The owner of a quarry that produced sandstone of exceptional strength and quality, Thomas Clarkson believed deeply in the power of education as a means for young women and men to improve their own lives and the lives of others.  As the school has evolved into a technologically focused research university of international stature, Clarkson’s historic bedrock values – symbolized by the campus entry gate’s sandstone foundation – continue to guide the personal and professional growth of every student.  These values form the intellectual and spiritual foundation of Clarkson University’s ongoing evolution to excellence.