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Hands-On Learning

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Real-world experiences. Teamwork that spans boundaries. Employers look for it. Clarkson provides it.

  • You can join one of the 16 SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design) teams (and, no, you don't have to be an engineer to join — these teams need communicators, scientists, and business folks, too).
  • Over their four years at Clarkson, Honors Program students design and carry out their own research and/or community projects.
  • Co-ops and internships are available to students in virtually any major.
  • Business students can start, operate, and close their own company — all in the course of their freshman year. Any student can take advantage of the many hands-on learning opportunities provided by the Shipley Center for Innovation, affiliated with the School of Business.

There are so many opportunities at Clarkson — one of the benefits of attending one of the smallest national research universities in the country. You will benefit from the large research program, as well as the personal attention from the faculty.