Clarkson University: Why Clarkson?
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Why Clarkson?

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What makes Clarkson, Clarkson? Check out:

Who is Clarkson?
No one comes to Clarkson by accident. We attract motivated, high-achieving students who already know what they want out of college (and what they don’t). Here’s what our students love about Clarkson:

  • Clarkson is intense. Falisha Gilman '11, biomolecular science major, said it best: “Brace yourself!” At Clarkson, students pursue their studies and their social lives with the same vigor—intense, and intensely rewarding.
  • Clarkson is real world. We know that the best way to acquire real-world job skills is by working on as many real-world collaborative projects, competitive proposals and pressing problems as possible. So that’s exactly what we do.  Want some examples? We tackled the worldwide problem of arsenic contamination of drinking water by developing cost-effective treatment technology to remove arsenic in small water delivery systems. We studied a potentially important new anti-cancer drug that targets human cervical cells that express Human Papillomavirus (HPV). We investigated affordable methods for replacing petroleum diesel fuel with biodiesel in school buses. We developed a virtual reality wheelchair to train persons with disabilities to use and maneuver a power wheelchair using 3-D technology—a project that combined computing (virtual reality, intelligent tutoring systems, 3D graphics programming) with mechanical and electrical engineering, and physical therapy. We improved the design of wind turbine blades to enhance renewable energy production.
  • Clarkson is forward focused. What’s going to be the next Google? The next smart power grid? The next Prius? The next iPhone? At Clarkson, you’ll have the tools, the support, and the confidence to create the next game-changer.
  • Clarkson is collaborative. At Clarkson, teamwork and mutual support are contagious. That’s what happens when 3,000 creative minds are given free rein to create, compete, explore, and experiment.
  • Clarkson is in the middle of everywhere. Don’t let the postal address fool you. Our technological infrastructure makes us nanoseconds away from the entire world. Our small-town location in Potsdam, New York, is just minutes from the largest natural wilderness area on the East Coast. Paradise—found, and geo-tagged!
  • Clarkson is yours. Personal attention from Clarkson faculty, real research as an undergraduate, support for independent projects, and instant access to a successful alumni network all position you for a career in hyperdrive.

Clarkson by the Numbers

  • Clarkson’s placement rate is one of the highest in the nation.
  • One in five Clarkson alumni is a CEO, senior executive, or owner of a company.
  • According to Payscale’s 2011 College Salary Report, the average starting salary of Clarkson graduates is $57,900 placing us #17 out of 1003 universities listed in this independent compensation benchmarking service. 



The Clarkson Advantage
Recruiters from companies such as IBM, Procter & Gamble, General Dynamics, and Amazon fight over Clarkson grads because they know that we’re more than just “smart.” We’re experienced collaborators, hands-on problem-solvers, and big-picture innovators. The Clarkson advantage is that you’re encouraged to move quickly from theory to practice: design your own video game, build your own wind turbine, or work a full-time co-op [2.2.4] with top companies like Raytheon, Johnson & Johnson and General Electric. . With that kind of hands-on leadership experience, it’s a small step from campus to industry and enterprise.

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