Are you looking to connect with a former classmate or network with fellow alums working in the same field? Do you want to sign up for an alumni event held in your region? Do you want to share an opinion on what’s making news on the Clarkson campus these days? Then log in to CU Online and join the conversation.

In today's world, practically anyone who knows how to surf the net is part of an online community, but they might not even know it. Web sites such as Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Expedia and more are all considered online communities because they allow users to interact. They give people a way to connect and engage in an ongoing conversation no matter their location, whether it's asking for opinions on the newest books, getting directions to an event, or finding a friend not seen since graduation.

Now the University is expanding the Clarkson conversation with CU Online (Get it? See You Online), a cyber community that gives alums the opportunity to have instant access to Clarkson and each other. Think 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week alumni reunion.

With CU Online, users will be able to search for classmates, join regional and affinity group networks, post event photos and local event information, and more.

"This is an opportunity for alumni to connect in three respects: Clarkson to alumni, alumni to Clarkson, and most importantly, alumni to alumni," says Steve Newkofsky, associate vice president for alumni relations. “Alums don’t want to just hear from the Alumni Office, they want to speak directly to each other. They can do that now. They’ll create the content. They’ll decide the topics.”

The new social networking program will also allow users to go seamlessly from sites like Facebook to CU Online. In cyberspace, worlds overlap, easy access is key and knowledge is meant to be shared.

Each regional chapter will have its own page to update on its own, giving alumni the power to plan their own events, discuss regional topics, and more, and do it all without having to go through the Alumni Office.

But CU Online isn’t just for current alumni. It’s for future alumni too as Clarkson seniors are invited to join. Despite the fact that over 90 percent of Clarkson students are already on Facebook, Newkofsky has found that they're looking for something different, something just for Clarkson.

"These students are feeling the need to pull away from Facebook as they go in search of jobs and look towards their professional futures," he says. "They are looking forward to a place that's Clarkson's own, where they'll be able to keep in touch with friends, professors and alums from Clarkson for years to come."

Ready to sign up?

Check the Clarkson Alumni Web site for the official launch date.

For more information, contact Steve Newkofsky at