Clarkson is partnering with state agencies, and area business leaders and organizations

to support economic development and K-12 education in northern New York and throughout the state.

To accomplish this, the University has developed regional outreach, experiential learning opportunities, individual entrepreneurial support and strategic partnerships. New start-up companies have emerged using partnership_quotetechnology and advanced materials from Clarkson’s research labs. [See related article on p. 20.] Entrepreneurs are building dynamic, sustainable businesses with support from Clarkson's School of Business through its Center for Entrepreneurship. Finally, through its K-12 partnership programs, the University seeks to improve science and engineering education throughout the state and attract students into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields to develop the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Clarkson + C Speed: Learning Opportunities and Technical Solutions

Last December, Congressman Bill Owens congratulated Clarkson and C Speed, LLC (Liverpool, N.Y.), a high technology engineering and manufacturing company, for a new partnership that leverages the strengths of C Speed’s high-tech product development and manufacturing operations with Clarkson’s resources in advanced materials processing, aerodynamics and renewable energy.

Together, the two organizations will establish a technical center in Peyton Hall on Clarkson’s downtown campus.

C Speed will employ Clarkson students and leverage the expertise of the company’s engineering team. Subsequent to this initiative, C Speed and Clarkson will focus their efforts on the enhancement of a high technology renewable energy system previously developed and fielded by C Speed. Enhancements will accelerate system deployment opportunities across the United States and overseas.

Clarkson + NYSERDA:  Improving Climate Change Education

Last year, Clarkson received a grant from NASA to improve climate change education for middle and high school students in New York state. Only
15 of 161 proposals submitted were selected nationwide.

Clarkson partnered with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to develop and disseminate educational modules that utilize NASA’s vast array of data chronicling the changes in our climate and earth system function.

Last summer at Clarkson, New York state earth and environmental science teachers developed project-based, climate change units for middle and high school classrooms using NASA geospatial data. Following the trial of these lessons in classrooms around the state, a summer institute will be held at Clarkson University in 2011 to train more teachers.

The resulting learning experiences will be disseminated through teacher workshops and conferences hosted by NYSERDA’s Energy Smart Students Program.

Horizons: Bringing NY State Girls and Science Together

Although women constitute nearly half of the American labor force, they make up a much smaller percentage of the nation’s lucrative jobs in science, engineering and technology.

Horizons is designed to help reverse this trend by getting more talented and ambitious middle school-aged girls interested in science and technology careers.

Horizons is a residential, one-week program that connects talented 7th and 8th grade girls to the joy and excitement of math, science and engineering through hands-on, experiential activities and team projects.

Clarkson created the Horizons Program 20 years ago. Since then, more than 250 girls each summer are introduced to the excitement of science, math, engineering and technology through hands-on activities and team projects — from building working robots to mixing up magic in the laboratory.

Horizons invites participating schools around New York state to nominate girls who display an aptitude and strong interest in science and math. The program features an integrated curriculum, which includes science, mathematics and computer science, as well as workshops in career opportunities, personal development and leadership training.

partnership2Clarkson + High-Speed Solutions: Spurring Economic Growth

In September, 250 professionals from across the country interested in advancing issues surrounding life and wired work in the Adirondack North Country Region gathered at Clarkson for the second annual Forever Wired Conference.

The conference was sponsored by the Adirondack Initiative for Wired Work Professionals hosted by Clarkson University, and represents a group of regional leaders and working professionals committed to responsible and sustainable economic growth in the Adirondack North Country Region of the state.

The 2010 conference featured independent broadband technology experts answering questions about existing and emerging broadband alternatives; representatives from brick and mortar businesses adopting new Internet-based business strategies, artisans using emerging online business strategies to expand their outreach; and independent entrepreneurs adopting broadband as their primary interface point with customers.