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Featured Content

Featured Content

  • Stephen Bird

    Analyzing Policy

    Prof. Stephen Bird is an environmental policy expert.  He also plays a mean bass.

  • Michael Garcia

    Learning through Literature

    Prof. Michael Garcia teaches students to become critical thinkers through literature.

  • Erik Bollt

    Mathematical Modeling

    Prof. Erik Bollt makes sense of chaotic systems - from oil spill patterns to internet information flow.

  • Annegret Staiger

    Urban Anthropologist

    Prof. Annegret Staiger provides a unique perspective on inner-city schools and high-class legal brothels.

  • Evgeny Katz

    A Chemist in the Classroom

    Prof. Evgeny Katz is among the world’s most cited chemists and a committed teacher.

  • Ken Wallace

    The Scientist's Fish

    Prof. Ken Wallace gains insight into human digestive diseases through a common fish.