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Undergraduate Programs

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The Biology Major
Our undergraduate program combines two distinctive strengths that benefit our students: personalized instruction and high-powered research.

That’s why our placement rate stands at 100%.

A rigorous but flexible curriculum
Our biology curriculum focuses teaching and research on how biological systems function and interact. It revolves around three main areas: health science, the environment, and molecular biology. First- and second-year courses provide interactive classroom and laboratory experiences in the fundamentals of biology, chemistry and physics, as well as math and liberal arts. Third and fourth year courses allow students to specialize in one or more areas.

Critical thinking and problem solving
Many of our laboratories and courses are inquiry-based. Under close guidance of faculty, you learn how to ask key questions, interpret data, and find answers on your own. All Clarkson biology majors have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on important, relevant biological research problems. In addition to being dedicated teachers, all of our faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research. In the research lab, you will learn how to identify problems, design experiments to address them, critically analyze data, and communicate your findings.

Research opportunities in biology
All of our students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for faculty-guided research projects, including cancer of human epithelia caused by papillomavirus, behavioral ecology and conservation biology, and the development of the digestive system in zebrafish.

Biology Honors Society
We also have an active chapter of the national Tri-beta National Biological Honors Society. District and regional meetings provide opportunity for students to present research papers. Awards are given for outstanding individual and chapter accomplishment. Visit Clarkson’s Tri-beta chapter’s Facebook page to learn more.